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Town Hall Meeting- State of the lab with Director Witherell.mp4

State of the Lab

August 2, 2016

Managing Research Software Projects LabTech 2016.mp4

Managing Research Software Projects

October 11, 2016

Operations All Hands 2.mp4

Operations All Hands

October 6, 2016

Careers at National Lab

Panel Workshop

Special LIGO Seminar.mp4

Gravitational Waves from a Neutron-Star Merger

Engineering All Hands

1password LabTech 2016.mp4

1 Password to Rule Them All

Vincent Stoffer

Berkeley Lab Cyber Security

Lab Tank LabTech 2016.mp4

Lab Tank LabTech 2016

Science in Extreme Environments_HD.mp4

Science in Extreme Environments

Distinguished Lecture by Dr. Christof Koch, Chief Scientist & President, Allen Institute for Brain Science_HD.mp4

Distinguished Lecture

Dr. Christof Koch

Retirement Presentation

Retirement Administration

zoom_0 (6)Trim Fire Safety .mp4

Wild Land Fire Safety Training

Preparing for Retirement.mp4

Preparing for Retirement

Water Energy Talk.mp4

Water Energy Talk

LabTech 2017.mp4

Lab Tank LabTech